The Patriot Services

Services We Offer


Patriot MWD utilizes the most advanced MWD technology available on the market. Our short tools design coupled with our full drilling mechanics suite allows us to overcome many of the industry’s problems with excessive downhole variables.

  • High operating temperature survivable up to 185°C
  • High speed pulse transmission
  • Drilling dynamics. (DH RPM, Real Time Shock & Vibe, Stick Slip, Real Time Azimuth, Real Time Inlication)
  • 2 connector system to reduce failure points
  • Gamma accuracy within +/- 3% count rate change -25C to 175C

Azimuthal Gamma available upon request.

Mud Motors

At Patriot Drilling Services, we know mud motors are the backbone of any directional provider. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most robust and reliable equipment on the market. While the competition is tripping pipe, we are making hole!

  • We utilize a mud-lubed bearing assembly that is second to none. It features larger and stronger internal components to keep you on bottom drilling.
  • Patriot has a wide variety of power sections to meet any drillin challenge. From the abrasive ArkLATex & Mid Con regions, to the big ROP of the EagleFord we have you covered.

Well Planning

Patriot continually ensures that the latest directional software is being used. We are currently using Compass 5000. Each support office is equipped with the latest well planning and torque and drag analysis software from Landmark Graphics. All directional drillers are provided necessary computer equipment, software and communication equipment to monitor the drilling operations from the field location. Complete and accurate daily reporting is provided by our well-planning centers, and a comprehensive end of well summary is provided to the customer at each job completion.